Components for blinds

Components for blinds
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Ve produce and supply following blinds components

Ropes for Venetian blinds

Already several years we manufacture Venetian blind ropes and in the meantime we are adventitious much experience, how is preferably produce. For productions we are using only material HQ from fore producer in Europe. We want to give our customers ropes of that gilt-edge. Our production capacity supply demand considerable parts Czech market and next part we are exporting.

Ropes for Horizontal Venetian blinds:

For horizontal Venetian blinds we offer PES rope with diam. 1,4 mm (sign 422 121 008). It is wind on spools 90x120 by 500 meters. We have some quantity everytime in stock. Package is into boxes (dim. 600x240x200) with 20 spools. It means 10000 meters. Weigth of one box is 14,9 kg.

Next articles are thinner ropes (diam. 1,2 mm a 0,8 mm), to use them for smaller Venetian blinds or for ropes in curtain ribbons.

Ropes for Vertical Venetian blinds:

For production of vertical Venetian blinds we offer polyamide rope diam. 2,0 mm (sign 422 162 320). It is wind on cross-wind spools per 500 meters. Some quantity we have al the time in stock. One box (dimensions 600x240x200) contains 10 spools ... 5000 meters. It weigths 13,7 kg.

Ropes for roll-up sun-blinds

For producing of heavy roll-up blinds we supply to our customers polyamide ropes in diameters 3,5 mm (without core) and 4,0 mm (with core). Ropes are wind on cross-wind spools per 200 meters or 250 meters according to customer's demand. Last year we bought new machines so we improved production quality and reliability.

For this purpose it is possible to use also other types of technical polyamide and polyester ropes.

Ladders for Venetian blinds
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Ladders production is very complicated, especially finishing. It is necessary to guarantee dimensions stability in the conditions of UV-radiation and to ensure very low elasticity. We are planning to start with its production in the nearest time.