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Technical ropes

How to choose the best type of rope?

It is possible to use several different ropes from various purposes. It could be sometimes very difficult to find the best one. Some rope features are shown after quite long time using. During our more than ten years old existence we earned many experiences. In the case of your indecision, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleasured to help you. Basic rope feature are given by features of used materials. Aproximate orientation could bring you following lines.

Materials for producing technical ropes

Polyamide - PA (brand names Silon, Nylon)

Polyamide combines two basic mechanical features: high tenacity and relatively hight elasticity (able to absorb work). Fromnegative features there are slightly swelling in water, worse acid resistance and resistance against UV-radiation.

Polyester - PES (brand names Trevira etc.)

Polyester stretches very little in contrast to polyamide but offers also high tenacity. It is very resistant against weather conditions and against most types of chemicals. Polyester also bears up against abrasion very good. Material has quite high mass density so it is relatively heavy.

Polypropylene - PP

Polypropylene has very good rezistance against aggressive chemicals. It floats on the water thanks to lower mass density. Polypropylene is not very resistant against abrasion and temperature changes.

Polypropylene is quite low priced material. In variant of PP film it is even cheaper. This variant offers high tenacity but it is suitable only for certain purposes thanks to some worse features (scrooping feel, high friction).

Polyethylene - PE

Polyethylene is produced usually as a monofilament. Polyethylene is generally the most resistant synthetic material to all types of chemicals. Mass density is also lower than water density so it is buoyant.

There are also high-oriented variants of polyethylene fibres (brand names Dyneema, Spectra) on the market. These fibres offer very high tensile strength with the low specific weigth. It means, rope from Dyneema is more strong than eg. polyester rope with the same weight.

Some other types of materials

Also many other types of fibres are used for various purposes. Eg. aramid fibres (Kevlar, Nomex) are in certain applications irreplaceable - bullet-proof waistcoats, fire resistant clothing. In rope production there is Kevlar supplied by high tenacity polyethylene fibres more and more thanks to its several negative features.

For special purposes there are used also following types of fibres:

Using possibilities

Our production of technical ropes

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PP technical
ropes - film

We are certainly able to produce many other types of ropes (eg. exactly according customer's sample). We try to be very flexible to customer's wishes and requests. Our possibilities are forever growing thanks to continual modernization of our technology.

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